About me

An engineer by qualification & educator at heart!

Even before COVID19 and lockdown, for last many years, I have been teaching students online from around the world & I have mastered the art of conducting online classes that allow me to reach a global audience,

I have taught Theoretical  and Applied Math to students from worlds top institutes and universities like Cornell, UC-Berkley, etc, which gives me a plethora of experience and knowledge of curriculum of such prestigious universities of different countries across the globe.

I am also a visiting faculty/guest lecturer to an International School in Mumbai for IB-diploma math AA/AI HL&SL.

I guide my students for IAs and EEs etc.


I am a creator of leadib.com, it is a web portal loved by IB-diploma students around the world.


With leadib.com our mission is to help students achieve a perfect 7 in the final IB exam. www.leadib.com has handpicked IMP exam questions along with answers from past
IB-diploma papers.


My online courses on sites like udemy have thousands of students enrolled.


Our Online classes are more effective and tremendously convenient over physical classroom coaching and our students love it.

Here is how we conduct our live online classes

I use Audio-video conferencing software such as Zoom, Which has inbuilt digital whiteboard and we use I-pad pro with Apple Pencile to write on the whiteboard.

1 on 1 live

Recording/Handwritten notes of each classes are shared with the student. Hence during the class the student only needs to write down imp points. key-formulae etc.

I only provide guidance and point students in the right direction, because I strongly believe, spoon feeding every single topic kills the creativity and problem solving skills of students.

My style of teaching

After every class student is assigned 1 hour of self-study/homework, which is again strategically designed with few questions that makes a student think out of the box and ignite curiosity ( smartly assigned HOMEWORK is my secret sauce!)

Home work

Best part of my tutoring is, parents don't have to micromanage (otherwise what's the point in hiring specialist!)

However we maintain detailed lecture records, home work status etc. on a google sheet which is updated every class, and the link of the same is shared with parents so that parents can see live reports at any time.

See sample progress report here

One has to be very careful in choosing an online tutor, because many times you may end up with hobby teachers, these are the people who have teaching as a hobby, sometimes although they are very knowledgeable but lack of expertise and professionalism towards teaching. And in trying demo classes with such people, students lose faith in online classes with such people, students lose faith in online teaching. (this is the reason why I am addressing it here.)